Do you enjoy helping people?  Imagine a career where you get paid to do so.  Enter the career of a life and health insurance agent.  But how do you get started?  It starts with an insurance license obtained through your state’s department of insurance.

The basic requirements to obtain a license are completing the licensing application, passing the appropriate state licensing examination, obtaining a criminal history background report and paying a licensing fee:  Your pre-licensing preparation can be done one of two ways. One way is as a self-paced, online course  and the second way is as a four day, in-person course.

Captive or Independent?

But where do you go from there?  You have two options, captive or independent.  As a captive agent, you work as an employee for a specific insurance company and as such, you only have their products at your disposal.  Typically, these are salaried positions that offer bonuses based on your sales.  In return, you receive training, an office, and people to see (leads).

In our opinion, option two offers you the best opportunity for long-term success but is also the best option for the consumer’s needs.

As an independent insurance agent, you work for yourself.  There are no sales managers to report to or stuffy sales meetings to sit in on.  You are your own boss and in complete control of your own destiny and success.  You get to represent all the best insurance companies and thus, get to offer your clients the product that most appropriately fits their needs and budget.

Choosing the Right General Agency

If you choose the independent career path, you still have one final crucial decision to make which is who you want to partner with.  General agencies work on behalf of the insurance companies to market and distribute their products to agents.  But not all agencies are alike.

Lourie Life & Health is uniquely positioned to guide you.  Both principals, Joel Lourie and Chris Johnson, are active producing agents, having helped hundreds of people in their life and health decisions.  We are focused on providing you the training, marketing, and support you need to be successful.  Click on the link below for more information on what sets us apart:  

It’s All About Helping People

Nothing can be more rewarding than helping people with some of the most important decisions in their life.  We have a saying in our agency: “When you can make a living helping others, it’s not work, it’s a blessing.”  If you are looking for a career where you can help others, and earn a nice living doing so, becoming an insurance professional may be just the right move for you.