Make your health insurance benefits work for you. Here are some tips to help you get the most from your BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina (BlueCross) individual and family health insurance plan.

Start by making an appointment with your doctor each year

By first establishing and keeping a long-term relationship with your family doctor will ensure you and your family will get the best care. By having regular annual check-ups with your primary doctor, as a result, he or she can diagnose and treat you with the knowledge of family history, recommend follow-up visits as needed, and can provide preventive steps. To find a family doctor near you, click here.

Minor injury? Skip the ER

Non-life-threatening injuries don’t always require the Emergency Room (ER). First evaluate your symptoms and then decided where is the best place other than the ER. You probably will end up spending more money and time in an ER with a minor injury. You can read more about where to find alternative treatment outside the ER.

Go to in-network providers 

Another advantage you earn by choosing BlueCross is you are choosing to be covered in-network with the best providers that deliver exceptional care to their patients. In most cases, out-of-network providers are not covered by your plan, except for an emergency. If you cannot make it to your in-network doctor, you can reach out to BlueCross BlueShield Toll Free at 855-404-6752 to find an alternative in-network provider or use Blue CareOnDemand℠ to video chat with a provider without traveling to a doctor’s office.

Before you go to the pharmacy

Find out if your prescribed drug is covered by your plan first, before you head to the pharmacy. Then, be sure to check BlueCross Advanced Choice™ Pharmacy Network for your preferred pharmacy. Furthermore, this network includes the major pharmacy chains like CVS and Walgreens and other independent and grocery store pharmacies. Get all this information HERE.

Take great care of yourself

Going to the doctor and filling prescriptions is only half the battle. The other half deals mainly with your diet and exercise. Find ways to stay fit for your mind and body – you don’t need a gym memberships just yet – rather start with a nice walk or bike ride. In addition, try to always be mindful of your food choices. Find a local farmers market to help you start your healthy lifestyle. Start your healthy journey today!


Make the most of your member perks

  • With the BlueCross Wellness Plus+SMbenefit you may get  up to $500 for some services that are not covered by standard doctor office visits
  • Extra dental and vision benefits
  • Preventive screenings at no cost
  • And additional member perks