Medicare Advantage Enrollment Growth

Medicare Advantage Enrollment Growth: For the first time in Medicare’s history, more than half of all eligible people with Medicare, or 30.8 million people in 2023, are enrolled in private Medicare Advantage plans. The rise of Medicare Advantage signifies a transformation in Medicare coverage, with implications for both beneficiaries and policymakers. However, gaps in data pose challenges in fully assessing the impact of these plans on individuals, particularly those with complex health needs. As enrollment continues to grow, policymakers will face decisions on how to manage costs and the future role of traditional Medicare.

In this article by KFF, Tricia NeumanMeredith Freed, and Jeannie Fuglesten Biniek lay out 10 reasons why Medicare Advantage enrollment has been growing and why we can expect more growth in the years to come. Check out this 
article by KFF for more info.